Vintage Ken Dreamboat

(1961 - 1963)

Grey, Green and Olive Green Print Shirt
Dark Green Pants
Olive Green Blazer
Yellow Socks
Brown Shoes
Straw Hat with Salmon and Black Print Hatband & Red Feather

Dreamboat is usually very easy to find, except the straw hat is often missing or badly frayed.  Usually they will be somewhere between the two hats shown below.

This is the straw hat in mint condition. It is very hard to find one without extensive wear.

Often they will be very frayed, faded and missing the feather, like this one:

The brown shoes are easy to find. They should be kind of squishy and both should be marked Japan on the bottom.

Along with the shirt, the jacket should also have a Ken™ tag.

Dreamboat was reproduced in the 2006 Friday Night Dream Date Barbie and Ken Gift Set.

Here is the reproduction ensemble:

Except for the tag, it is very similar to the original. The original has a Ken™ tag, the reproduction tag has a "B" and says reproduction.

This NRFB (never removed from box) version sold for $110 in March 2013.

In the 1961 Mattel Dealer Catalog, it was pictured with khaki slacks and a red hatband!

This is Dreamboat from the original Vintage Barbie booklet that was included with the outfit.

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