Quick Curl Francie Doll

Quick Curl Francie was sold in 1973 and 1974. She is one of several dolls in the Quick Curl series. Their hair contains metal fibers so they can be curled and styled without any heat or any other tools. All the dolls included accessories to style their hair.

Model #:

Box Date:

Body Markings:
Pink Francie TNT Body marked:
© 1966
Mattel, Inc.
U.S. & Foreign
Other Pats

Francie head
Inner Rim marked:
© 1965 Mattel Inc (May also have country name)

Brown eyes
Light brown eyebrows
Pink Lips and Blush

(This and the "Baggie Francie" from 1975 are the only brunette dolls made with the Francie head to not have rooted eyelashes.)

Brunette shoulder length hair with side part.

Hair Accessories:
Three white barrettes
Four hair ribbons - Yellow, Blue, Green & Pink
Four rubber bands
Hot Pink Curler
Hot Pink Brush
Hot Pink Pointed Comb

Yellow scoop neck long dress with white dots, sheer white sleeves and neckline ruffle. Black ribbon trim on sleeves and bow at neckline.
White square toe heels

White X-Stand

This and the other quick curl dolls can be a challenge to find in mint condition. The Quick Curl hair doesn't age well and is usually a mess - brittle, stringy and/or not curl-able - on vintage dolls.

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