Vintage Barbie Dog ‘N Duds

Vintage Barbie Dog ‘N Duds

Gray Poodle
Dog Bone
Dog Food Bowl
Dog Food Box
Ear Muffs
Black & White Collar
Black Mask
Plaid Coat
Red Velvet Coat
Red Collar with Chain Leash
Red Collar with Stretch Leash

This is another grouping that can take quite a while to collect.  The tiny accessories are almost all unique to this set.  The tutu matches Skipper's Ballet Class tutu and the red velvet coat coordinates with Barbie's Red Flare #939 (1962-1965) and Skipper's Dress Coat.  There is even Halloween gear that is a match to Barbie, Ken and Skipper's costume - Masquerade #944 (1963-1964).

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