Vintage Barbie Golden Elegance

Vintage Barbie Golden Elegance  #992 (1963)

Strapless Red & Gold Brocade Dress
Red & Gold Brocade Coat
Red Velvet Clutch Purse
Brown Faux Fur Hat
Graduated Pearl Necklace
Pearl Stud Earrings
Short White Gloves
White Hanky
Brown Open Toe Heels

This different version of Evening Splendour #961 (1959-1964) is much harder to find because it was made for only one year.  It is essentially the same, except a different fabric was used for the dress and coat and the purse is also a different fabric.

When found, it is generally in good condition as the brocade fabric hold up very well.  The dress has a back zipper and the fur is the most likely place to show wear.

The purse and the hanky are hard to find.  The hat is also hard to find in good condition with all of the pearls intact.

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