Vintage Barbie Evening Splendour

The Vintage Barbie Evening Splendour ensemble was released in 1959.  A masterpiece was definitely created when the Golden Girl #911 sheath dress was issued with a matching coat.  Made from the same gold and white brocade as the dress, the coat had three-quarter length sleeves trimmed in simulated fur.  The coat was also tailored with a contrasting pale blue satin lining to further accessorize every detail.  The outfit was topped off with a headband hat adorned with pearls and trimmed in the same brown fur as the coat.

Vintage Barbie Evening Splendour Details

Golden Girl Dress
Gold & White Brocade Coat
Aqua Corduroy Purse
White Hanky
Brown Faux Fur Hat
Graduated Pearl Necklace
Pearl Stud Earrings
Short White Gloves
Brown Open Toe Heels

Evening Splendour #961
was issued in 1959.

Evening Splendour #0961
was reissued in 1964.

Mattel issued an
Evening Splendor Reproduction
in 2005.

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The hanky is very hard to find and the fur headband can be hard to find with all of the pearls intact. The aqua corduroy purse is easily found - but difficult to find in mint condition. The dress and coat are fairly easy to find, as this ensemble was produced for five years and the brocade fabric has held up very well over the years. The area most likely to show wear is the fur trim on the coat.

This tag was attached to the pale blue lining in the center of the back of the coat.  This trademark label guaranteed quality and authenticity.

More Vintage Barbie Evening Splendor

Evening Splendor Ornaments.
In 2006, Hallmark released two Keepsake Ornaments celebrating the glamorous Evening Splendor ensemble.  Issued in blonde or brunette, the brunette version was produced in limited quantities.  This beautiful ornament adds a touch of elegance to any Barbie collection.

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The rich fabric of Evening Splendour was used in Japan to create other brocade outfits, such as the Japanese version of "Theatre Date."  These outfits were made using a reverse coloration of the fabric seen previously...white background with gold design.

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International glamour.
In 2005, Evening Splendor Brunette Barbie was released in Europe.  With only 300 brunette dolls issued, this Platinum Label doll was created for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival and is rare.

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