Vintage Barbie Brown Open Toe Shoes

Vintage Barbie Brown Open Toe Shoes were included in the ensembles listed below.  Also called Mules by some collectors, these were made in Japan and came in pairs. The bottom of the left shoe will be marked Japan, the bottom of the right shoe will be unmarked.

Evening Splendour #961 (1959-1964)
Golden Elegance #992 (1963)
Golden Girl #911 (1959-1962)
Peachy Fleecy #915 (1959-1961)
Saturday Matinee #1615 (1965)
Sorority Meeting #937 (1962-1963)

Because they were included in a relatively few ensembles, these can be a bit harder to find than other colors. They usually sell for more than the black, white or red heels.

The strap across the foot is prone to breakage. To preserve the shoes, many collectors display their shoes next to Barbie’s feet instead of on them.

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