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Evening Splendor Vintage Barbie Reproduction

Evening Splendor Vintage Barbie Reproduction 2005 Evening Splendor Vintage Barbie Reproduction

This is a reproduction of Vintage Barbie Evening Splendour #961 (1959-1964) and a Blonde Ponytail Barbie.

I find it interesting that Mattel changed the spelling on this reproduction - the original is known as Evening Splendour, the repro as Splendor!

It is still easy to find at (or even slightly below) the original release price.  In my opinion, this is not one of the best reproductions by Mattel, as the brocade fabric, while very similar, is not as pretty or rich as the original.  Plus I can never figure out why they can't get the brown color right on the reproduction shoes.  The original Brown Open Toes Shoes are very dark brown.  The repros are always a much lighter brown.

All that aside, this is a still very nice doll that I enjoy having in my collection.

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