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Vintage Barbie 1960

These thumbnail pictures of Vintage Barbie 1960 can help you identify these vintage ensembles.  Each item pictured has its own page - click on any link of picture to go there.

Vintage Barbie Dolls from 1960

#3 Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll #4 Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll Vintage Barbie Black and White Swimsuit
#3 Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll #4 Ponytail Vintage Barbie Doll Black and White Zebra Stripe Swimsuit
Vintage Barbie Ponytail Comparison Guide

1960 Ensembles (click on link to see ensemble details) - There were only six ensembles released in 1960, but the include some of the most popular ones.  (5 out of the 6 have been reproduced.)

Vintage Barbie Busy Gal

Vintage Barbie Enchanted Evening

Vintage Barbie Friday Night Date
Busy Gal #981 (1960-1961) Enchanted Evening #983 (1960-1963) Friday Night Date #979 (1960-1964)

Vintage Barbie Let’s Dance

Vintage Barbie Silken Flame

Vintage Barbie Solo In The Spotlight

Let’s Dance #978 (1960- 1962) Silken Flame #977 (1960-1961) Solo In The Spotlight #982 (1960-1964)

Here are the current listings:

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